Make it come to life!

The products from CapAble, the LifeTop™ Cap and the LifeTop™ Straw, works miracles with yur product. Now the new generation of beverages will hit the shelves!

  • 4 GoLive bottles

    GoLive™ Probiotics made it happen!

    The first drink, with the LifeTop™ Cap, available to consumers is GoLive™ in the US. It takes advantage of the this in two ways, both the unique possibility to make shelf stable probiotic beverages and to give the brand an innovative profile.


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  • Lifetop

    A unique tool for innovative and health building beverages

    The unique and flexible concept of LifeTop™, gives you the possibility to use sensitive ingredients in your beverages. Thanks to a design that keeps the ingredients protected from the liquid until the moment of consumption.

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  • LifeTop™ Cap wins prestigious award!

    At a gala dinner on 21 October the LifeTop™ Cap was given the 2015 Global Bottled Water Award in the Best Cap or Closure category. The awards were a highlight of the 12th Global Bottled Water Congress in Lisbon.

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